Let’s Stay Healthy Following Plant Based Diet

Staying healthy is never optional!

Diseases seem to be inevitable parts of today’s human life. More we are moving away from plant diet, more diseases are trapping our bodily and mental health.

This calls for a shift toward right coaching on maintaining a disease-free body consuming a healthier plant diet that need not necessarily means only fruits and vegetables.

Kumi voice is coaching from a vegan diet follower, I, who have been a great fan of Dr. Sebi and his alkaline diet that aims toward rectifying the pH balance of the body. 

“Go Plant Base”

Have you ever tried to reason out the root cause of gastrointestinal issues, chronic heart diseases, skin problems, hair issues, and a lot of other diseases?

It is the acidic environment in the body which is responsible for various diseases outbreak. And, our diet plays a very crucial impact in accelerating acidic effect.

With control over our diet and a switch over to alkaline food helps greatly in changing the pH balance of your blood. Now, anyone can make their body disease-free, energetic and healthier, and cleansed from within.

After following the plant-based diet myself for the last five years, it has changed forever and the changes have inspired me every single day to continue with the diet.

Therefore, I promote a plant-based diet pattern that focuses on the food derived from the plants consume mostly in the raw form.


However, my diet does not suggest fruits and vegetables alone. As it is inclusive of nuts, seeds, oils, whole grains, legumes, and beans which makes it a complete alkaline diet with lots of variety and combos for health lovers.

Your Body is a Mirror

Your body reflects and works on what you put in. So, your food should be inclusive and inclined towards more healthy food options derived from a plant source. Plant-based diet not only improves your health but also reverses diseases, as they have done in my case.


Stay motivated! It’s not late yet.




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