The Three White Poisons You Should Avoid: Sugar, Salt and Bread

The edibles used for enhancing your food’s flavor like salt, sugar, and refined flour are not as healthy options as they might appear to you.

As the proverb emphasizes, “everything that glitters is not gold”. Things may not be the way they appear on the surface. These white poisons that you add in your food daily are not good for your health when consumed in a large amount.

Let Us Evaluate the Impact of These Three White Poisons:-

  • Salt

Salt is an essential ingredient of food worldwide as it adds taste to the food. But consuming salt excessively beyond the recommended limits is toxic for the body. The sodium component of the salt is responsible for water retention which not only adds weight and puffiness to the body but also leads to hypertension, heart, and kidney disorders.

When one consumes too much salt, the extra water stored in the body increases your blood pressure. So, a low salt diet is recommended. Normal table salt consisting of iodine is good for health. But during the refining process, idoine is removed from the salt makes it harmful when consumed in excess.

Recommended Limit of Salt

According to WHO, salt intake should be limited to 5 grams that are one tablespoon per day which includes salt at the table on foods, salads. Processed food is rich in high sodium like pickles, sauces, chips, salted biscuits, cheese, salted butter, or papads. It adds to the recommended limit intake.

  • Sugar

Refined sugar is liked by everyone as it adds to the taste of your beverages, drinks, and other food items. Natural sugar is present in some food products which is a healthier option for the consumption of sweetener. But white sugar is detrimental to health. This added sugar in the form of calorie sweetener adds to the health issues. Table sugar, jaggery, honey as well as chemically prepared high fructose corn syrup are all examples of artificial sweeteners that are added to the food of beverages during preparations or processing. This sweetness provides empty calories i.e. the calorie without any vital essential nutrients. Empty calories often lead to obesity rather than being the source of energy.

Table sugar or refined sugar is produced from sugarcane or beat which is made to went through bleaching and refining process. This form of sugar has 99% concentration of sucrose and therefore the high glycemic index. This table sugar causes high blood sugar level in the blood.

The harmful effect of refined sugar can be felt on the metabolism and surfacing of different kinds of diseases such as cancer, type 2 diabetes, obesity/overweight, liver diseases, etc.

Before entering your bloodstream from the digestive tract, sugar is broken down into simple two sugars namely glucose and fructose. Physically inactive people, if consume a large amount of fructose from refined sugar, sugar content turn into fat in the liver and leads to type2 diabetes.

The Recommended Intake of Sugar

The recommended intake of sugar is limited to 20 to 25 grams a day for normal adult which means five teaspoons a day.

This has to be inclusive of soft drinks, mock-tails, cocktails, cream biscuits, ice cream, chocolate, desserts, ketchup, and energy drinks consumed.

  • Bread Made up of Refined Flour

White bread is made up of refined flour gets digested in our body very quickly as it lacks fiber. It causes glucose to rush into the body which leads to a high level of insulin released inside. The liver and muscles present inside the body use glucose as much as they require. And, the excess amount of this glucose is formed into our fat cells leading to fat and weight gain. Additionally, refined flour does not contain any vitamins or minerals. They are only the source of calories added to our diet. Therefore refined flour food lacks the satiety power and the person feeding on such food feels hunger attack repeatedly.

The Recommended Intake of Refined Flour

There is no recommended intake of refined flour. Refined flour is suggested to be replaced with whole grain flour or cereal consumption.

If you are a big fan of bread, pasta, pizzas, or puffs, opt for options made up of whole grains.

Alkaline Diet for Staying Healthy

If you are willing to stay healthy keeping your vital nutrient intake intact, following the alkaline diet is a very good option.

This diet aims at balancing the body’s pH level. The imbalance diet rich in acidic foods such as animal proteins, sugar, caffeine, processed food creates health issues. Following the alkaline diet strikes the right chord by regaining alkaline minerals such as potassium sodium, magnesium, calcium et cetera through natural / plan diet food.

The alkaline diet, suggested by Dr. Sebi consists of natural foodstuff that helps regain the alkaline state forever if you follow his suggested diet strictly for the rest of his life. His diet exempts dairy products and animal proteins completely off his diet, you can add them in moderation, if you prefer.

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