Banana Goals for the Health Benefits

Banana, the powerhouse of nutrients, is a favorite of gym-goers and fitness freaks.

And if you want to know why it is a so much popular fruit, then keep reading because we will explain to you the health benefits of this fruit, packed with energy-giving carbohydrates and healthy potassium.

Charting Nutrients Content of Banana

Banana is an excellent source of potassium, manganese, vitamin b6, fiber, carbohydrate and some vitamin C. The water content in it is comparatively lower than other fruits. However, the calories and the sugar content are comparatively high in bananas in comparison to other non-tropical fruits. Banana is also of fat-free, cholesterol-free, and sodium-free fruit which makes it extensively beneficial for health.

Unripe Banana Details

Unripe banana is highly rich in starch content and when the banana ripens starch is converted into sugar (reason responsible for the sweetness of banana).

Raw green bananas are a very good source of pectin which is a form of dietary fiber found in fruits. It is responsible for giving the shape or structural form to cells and organs. When the banana is over-ripened, pectin break downs leading to the banana becoming softer.

Health Benefits of Banana

Listing health benefits of consuming banana in daily diet:-

1) Renders Right Amount of Carbs

Banana has carbs like all other fruits. Due to its sweetness, diabetic people are not recommended to enjoy more than half a banana when they need a snack.

2) Fiber Tales

The right amount of fiber is very necessary for our gut health and average size banana gives you 3 grams of fiber. This means banana help boost your bowel movements. Additionally, it keeps check on your cholesterol and blood pressure level and helps to ease inflammation.

Being high in fiber, the banana makes the tummy feel full without extra calories. It is a great food if you are willing to shed some extra weight.

3) Potassium Power-packed

Potassium is one of the big players in heart health as it helps manage blood pressure. It makes excess sodium drain out of the body when you pee. Potassium is also known to relax your blood vessels wall which helps lower your blood pressure.

Bananas are a powerful source of potassium. Therefore it helps lower the risk of stroke, keeps your bone health with aging, and health muscle works better.

4) Satiety for Stomach

Bananas are very good for your tummy as yellow food is a source of prebiotics. Prebiotics are good bacteria found in your gut which helps digest another food source for the popular probiotics good for your gut health.

Bananas are very useful in improving yeast and urinary tract infections reduce irritable bowel syndrome, helpful in treating gastrointestinal infection, reduces allergy symptoms besides helping treat cold and flu.

5) Skin Benefit

Inside of the banana skin can be used for calming an itchy mosquito bite. Present in banana skin reduces the irritation.

The Best Source of Vitamin B6

Bananas are one of the best sources for vitamin b6. Vitamin b6 from banana is absorbed easily by the body.

Vitamin b6 is very helpful to our body for removing toxic chemicals from our liver and kidney. It helps maintaining the healthy nervous system, metabolize amino acids carbohydrates and fats by turning them into energy, and very importantly produce RBC.

Vitamin b6 is a very essential nutrient for pregnant women to meet their unborn baby’s development requirements.

Great Source of Vitamin C and Manganese

Bananas are although not a very rich source of vitamin C but do provide 10% of your daily vitamin C need. Vitamin C and manganese in bananas are very necessary for protecting your body against free radical damage, helps the body absorb iron in a better manner, produce collagen which is responsible for your skin tightening, bones and body shape holding and supports brain health by producing serotonin from responsibility for proper sleep cycle and experience of stress and pain.

Banana and Alkaline Diet

Highly acidic foods like processed food, sugar, or carbohydrates rich food lead to heartburn in some peoples, triggering their reflux.

A certain diet that is recommended for avoiding highly acidic foods so that you can avoid serious health issues by changing your food habit. One such alkaline diet suggested by Dr. Sebi aims at changing the pH level of your body.

Dr. SEBI alkaline diet is a plant-based diet that works towards the overall state of health measuring the acidity in our blood.

Bananas are also referred to as potassium sticks as it is another highly alkaline food that cannot be skipped from the diet if you want to lose weight following a plant-based diet. Due to its high sugar content, people prefer to replace it with their granola bar.

Dr. Sebi and His Fruitful Diet

For people suffering from reflux issues, eating certain food and beverages which are acidic for example chocolates, cafe, alcohol and fried foods are exempted from the consumable list. Dr. SEBI recommended an entirely alkaline diet to make the body free from diseases without relying upon traditional Western medication.

Consuming banana anytime as a complete meal or snacks recommended in many diets.

Sometimes, you can also include ripe banana mash in the low acid baking recipes to substitute it for the fat component.

No need to increase the calorie level for extra sweetness! Isn’t it amazing enough?

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