Consequences of Being Overly Microwave –Friendly

A microwave oven has made cooking very convenient, simple, and incredibly fast. But it is often doubted for being safe for health.

How Many Microwave Ovens Work?

A microwave oven is electronic devices that turn electricity into electromagnetic waves known as microwaves which stimulate molecules in food, make them vibrate, spin, and clash with each other to turn energy produced by them into heat.     

Microwaves can heat water, fats, and sugar molecules in a very fast manner at a certain temperature for a particular duration of time.

The microwave energy is changed to heat which is absorbed by the food. But this does not make the food radioactive or contaminated as only the outer layer is heated and cooked by the microwave and the inside of the food is cooked by conduction of heat from the hot outer layers.

Are Microwave Radiations Harmful?

Electromagnetic radiations produced by microwaves are nonionizing radiation, somewhat similar to the radiation produced by cell phones but much stronger comparatively.

Microwaves are designed with metal shields and metals screen over the window to prevent the radiation generated inside, leave the body of the microwave. Hence there is no risk involved for the user of the microwave.

However, cooking in the microwave does reduce the nutritive value of the food.

Effect of Microwave Cooking On Nutritive Value

Cooking time, temperature, and method always affects the nutritive value of food irrespective of the mode you use for cooking. For instance, while boiling water-soluble nutrients from the food leaks out. Shallow or deep frying is also ill-famous for being unhealthy.

Many people think microwave cooking is a better way to retain nutrients in the food in comparison to boiling or frying.

But they were a different set of studies conducted with suggested two different schools of thought.

One study emphasized that microwave cooking and baking preserved antioxidants in the food at the best level in comparison to pressure cooking or boiling, which did the worst in the food.

Another study conducted proved that even just one minute of microwave cooking destroyed some of the cancer-fighting compounds in garlic; the same action was done in a conventional oven in 45 minutes.

Some other studies conducted proved that microwaves destroyed 97% of flavonoid antioxidants in broccoli whereas boiling destroyed only 66%.

Additionally, heating human milk in the microwave is not recommended because it damages the antibacterial properties in the milk.

Side Effects of Microwave Oven Cooking

Microwave radiations can heat body tissue, like it does with the food items. Exposure to a high level of microwave heating can cause a painful burn.

The lens of your eye is particularly sensitive towards microwave heat and exposure to high levels of microwave radiation can result in cataracts. But this is the case only when a person is exposed to a large amount of microwave radiation.

In many cases, cooking methods kill harmful bacteria and other pathogens in the food whereas microwave heating fails to do the same which may lead to food poisoning.

As heating is lower and cooking time is shorter in microwaves, sometimes food is left unevenly heated or cooked.

Microwave eating of newborn baby’s formulas, foods, and beverages are never recommended because there is a risk of scald burning.

Avoid Using Plastic Containers in the Microwave

Many plastic containers are made up of hormone-disrupting compounds that cause harm. For example, BPA plastic is linked to various health issues like cancer, obesity, and thyroid disorder. When food is heated in these containers, compounds are leached into your food which makes it toxic. So, make sure to use only microwave-safe containers.

Alkaline Diet for its Benefits

The alkaline diet or the plant-based diet discovered by Dr. Sebi benefits the follower in many ways. The prominent being; one gets most of the essential vitamins and minerals needed by the body in their natural form which means these can be well absorbed by the body.

A diet with alkalizing foods renders more energy to tackle the daily stress and fewer diseases as the gut environment is alkaline that does not promote diseases to survive and thrive.

In this diet mostly the food consumed is raw or unprocessed. This means there is very less requirement for cooking either in the microwave or otherwise.

The alkaline diet has proved to be beneficial in disappearing numerous diseases overnight including acid reflux, digestion, allergies, fever, arthritis, athlete foot, constipation, and more.

One such alkaline diet suggested by Dr. Sebi includes all-natural edibles and aims at curing or preventing diseases and improving overall health without being dependent on conventional traditional medications.

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