Raw Foods Have More Health Benefits Than You Had Known

Most people stay dubious about following a raw food diet that involves mostly consuming unprocessed plant-based, whole, and preferably organic food material. The doubt is not about the benefits of a raw food diet but regarding whether we started with the cooked food before raw food or otherwise.

I am a supporter of the second school of thought and believe that you should eat raw food before cooked food as it renders a lot of health benefits.

Cooking has been known to kills most of the nutrients of the food. Especially microwave cooking is injurious for health.

Dr. Sebi Advocated Raw Food for the Alkalizing Body

Dr. Sebi’s diet also is known as Dr. Sebi’s alkaline diet also promotes plant-based food, as the mean source to rejuvenate your bodily cells, eliminating toxic waste from the body, alkalizing your blood. His diet is based on eating a list of approved food along with many supplements. His suggested food diet consists of a lot of raw fruits and vegetables, grains, herbal teas, spices, nuts and seeds, and oil with a total ban on animal products and Ultra-processed food.

The diet promoted by Dr. SEBI is enriched with fiber-rich whole grains and healthy fat coming from seeds and nuts and plant oil which are known to lower the risk of heart diseases, alkalizing it.

Additionally, limiting ultra-processed or overcooked food provides overall health benefits such as decreasing the risk of heart issues, cancer, and inflammation.

Strong emphasis on plant-based foods is responsible for higher fiber, mineral, vitamins, and plant compounds in the body that reduces oxidative stress and protects against various diseases.

Experts’ Advice

Experts suggest that your two-third of the total diet per day should makeup of raw food because it helps improve your mental and physical health and reduces the risk of various medical conditions. Raw foods alkalize your stomach for meal. This means a lot of fiber present in raw fruits and vegetable help to digest your cooked food faster breaking it down in simpler compounds.

Let Us Evaluate Some of the Benefits of Raw Food:-

1) Weight Loss

Eating raw vegetables and fruit not only gives you most enzymes, vitamins, and minerals needed for good health but it also promotes weight loss, leaves you more energetic, improves skin texture, enhances digestion, and reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases.

You may lose weight buy fitting raw food more in your meal plan (make sure no buttery sauces or oily sautés garnishes your raw food).

As raw food is not loaded with sugar, salt, fat, or calories it promotes weight loss, lowering the rate of obesity, and heart diseases.

2) Deactivation of Enzymes

Cooking may destroy enzymes present in food that helps our body digest the food breaking it down into smaller molecules that can be absorbed by the body easily. Raw food we consume contains enzymes that promote digestion. As enzymes are heat sensitive and deactivate once exposed to high temperatures, raw foods are most favored to promote digestion.

3) Makes You Feel Satisfied For Longer

Owing to the right balance of water, nutrients, and fiber needed by our body, raw foods renders you more satisfied and full for longer. Consuming small meals of raw food emits higher energy the whole day long.

4) Protect from Acute Disease

Raw food plays a crucial role in protecting against acute diseases like colds, flu, measles, etc. Such food enriches the body’s health strengthening the defense system of the body that prevents the intrusion of disease.

5) Heartburn, Gas, Indigestion, and Constipation Eliminated

 Heartburn, gas, indigestion, or constipation eliminates from your list of diseases if you rely on raw food more often. Fiber content regulates bowel movements and reduces constipation. Vitamins and minerals and other nutrients ensure no inflammation.

My Raw Food Plan

As I am a promoter of both raw food and Dr. Sebi’s alkaline diet, my day starts with drinking more alkaline water immediately after getting up in the morning.

While I am doing my daily chores like readings, jogging, running in the morning, I make sure that I am drinking alkaline water to flush out toxins from my system.

For breakfast, I prefer taking raw food alone as in banana, mango, or papaya, apples, or any seasonal fruit available. With firm belief that God has given us different seasons and each season have their peculiar vegetation for some reasons, I prefer eating season fresh raw food over cold storage raw food supplies as fresh food reverse certain diseases.

For the past weeks, I have been eating soursop in breakfast as Ghana currently has a soursop season. And, I love eating fresh soursop, for the various advantages it offers to my bod like keeping it fit and healthy. For Lunch, I sometimes add a little cooked food coupled with a lot of raw food to balance the alkaline level. In other words, I prepare my stomach before my main meal with raw food.

Preferring not to eat in the evening, I stick to raw food meals (in case I have to eat in the evening).

Bottom Line

Fruits and vegetables are good for health. Strike the right balance between cooked and raw food for a fit body.

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