Stay Fit and Defy Your Age with Alkaline Water

Stay Fit and Defy Your Age with Alkaline Water

One of the trendiest additions to the wellness and healthy eating world is alkaline water for its various health benefits.

We have learned a lot about the benefits of drinking plain water in adequate quantities to maintain our health. However, alkaline water is much talked about for its additional health benefits over plain water such as slowing down the aging process, regulating the pH level of the body, and preventing chances of various chronic diseases like cancer.

What Is Alkaline Water And How It Is Different From Plain Water?

Alkaline water is water that has been ionized to increase the pH level of the water. The pH level refers to the number of acidic or alkaline substances present in water measured on the scale of 0 to 14.

Starting from 1, lower is the number more acidic is the water. If the number is 13 that means your water is very alkaline. An optimal number of pH levels should be around 8 to 9. A pH level of normal tap water is 7, which is neutral. Consuming alkaline water has been known to help people with excess acidity, neutralizing the acid in the body, which in turn prevents various health issues.

Alkaline water is natural, it is made by God. In Ghana most of our drinking water was alkaline which tastes great with no chemicals until recently that most of our water bodies has been destroyed by ‘galamsay’ operators. Currently, there are some villages that still have direct alkaline water from God. However, research shows that alkaline water could be made.

To make water alkaline, special filters, faucet attachments, and additives are used. These attachments raise the pH level of the normal tap water making it alkaline from neutral pH level.                                                                                                                                                                                              Additionally, alkaline water should also contain alkaline minerals and negative oxidation-reduction potential (ORP) which are the ability of water to act like a pro or antioxidant. More negative is the ORP value, more anti-oxidizing is your water.

Benefits of Alkaline Water

Although the benefits of alkaline water have been controversial, there is no denying the fact that alkaline water is helpful for various conditions.

Let us evaluate the benefits in detail:-

1) Drinking naturally carbonated artesian- well alkaline water with a pH balance of 8.8 has been studied to deactivate pepsin, the enzyme responsible for causing acid reflux in the body.

2) People with high blood pressure, diabetes, and high cholesterol can also benefit from alkaline ionized water.

3) Drinking water with a high pH level brings a significant difference in whole blood viscosity after a strenuous workout. Blood viscosity is the direct measurement of how efficiently blood flows through the vessels. In people consuming water with a high pH level, blood viscosity is reduced by 6.3 % in comparison to 3.36% existing among people who drink standard purified drinking water. This means there is increased oxygen delivery in blood vessels throughout the body.

4) Anti-aging Properties

Liquid antioxidants that enter the body through alkaline water are quickly absorbed into the human body and improve skin texture. Additionally, antioxidants prevent the growth of cells damaging free radicals in the body, responsible for the aging process.

5) Colon Cleansing Properties

Alkaline water neutralizes the acidity in our body, lowering excessive acidic content in the stomach and gastrointestinal tract. This promotes gut health.

6) Improve the Immune System

Our immune system gets better if we have neutralized acidity in our body caused by poor diet, work stress, and environmental toxins.

7) Promotes Weight Loss

8) Enhances the Body’s Cancer Resistance Ability

Since cancer cells thrive in an acidic environment, consuming alkaline water counteracts the acid found in the bloodstream, increasing the metabolism of the body, and improving the body’s ability to absorb vital nutrients.

9) Enhances Skin Health Hydrating and Detoxifying It

As Ultra-hydrating, alkaline water benefits people who work out strenuously daily as their body requires more water. Alkaline water has smaller water molecules that are readily absorbed by body cells which makes skin re-hydrated quickly and for longer.

10) Alkaline water has various minerals like magnesium and calcium. Both of these help maintain bone health.

Having highly negative ORPs, alkalinized water resolves many health problems.

How Alkaline Water Can Be Prepared?

For your daily consumption of alkaline water, there are ways of preparing it at home using simple ingredients:-

1) Baking Soda

To make your water alkaline, use baking soda which is also alkaline with a pH balance of 9. In around 4 liters of water, mix half tablespoon of baking soda. Shake it until soda dissolves completely. Once it is dissolved, you can have a glass at a time.

2) Using Lemon

Lemon is acidic but it has a pH balance of below 7. That is why when you add it to water and consume it regularly, after metabolism its effect becomes alkaline in nature and its pH level rises above 7 in the body. This explains why having a glass of lukewarm water with lemon juice is recommended in the morning for weight loss as well as boosting immunity.

Available in the market is packed bottles of alkaline water that has been through a chemical process called electrolysis. In this technique, a product called ionizer is used that raises the pH level of regular water. According to the makers of ionizers, electricity is used to separate molecules in water that are more acidic or more alkaline. Acidic water is then funneled out.

Tips for Drinking Alkaline Water

  • If you have decided to switch over to alkaline water, there are some tips you should follow:-
  • If creating your alkaline water at home, use distilled water as it may reduce the number of additives.
  • Once alkaline water is metabolized in the body, it produces alkaline by-products that make the urine more alkaline. To counteract it, add a squeeze of lemon or lime to your water that reduces the alkalinity because citrus fruits are acidic.
  • Avoid drinking alkaline water at mealtime because food with alkaline water may negatively affect your body digestion.

Dr. Sebi’s Recommendation for Alkaline Water

Dr. Sebi, a self-proclaimed healer, and herbalist introduced an alkaline diet as one of the most appropriate plant-based diets that help to reduce numerous diseases when coupled with his specific supplements.

His alkaline diet suggested numerous dos and don’ts. And, one of the major suggestions in his nutritional guide includes drinking 1 gallon of natural spring water daily.

Spring-water is nothing but the natural form of alkaline water enriched with various nutrients.

Due to his suggestion of alkaline water, his diet is beneficial for altering the micro-biome of the body in favor of reducing the chances of lesser diseases. Also, his diet inclusive of a limited number of food items, alkaline water, and a ban on animal products, hybrid food and alcohol microwave cooked food and avoiding canned or seedless fruits has to be strictly followed to reduce the risk of coronary diseases and risk of developing metabolic syndrome and type 2 diabetes.

How I Drink My Alkaline Water Daily?

You must have heard that people wake up thirsty. This is because they have been keeping their body dehydrated. As a patron of Dr. Sebi’s diet, I start my day by drinking alkaline water immediately after getting up.

My morning freshening up routine does not take too much time as I drink alkaline water after getting up that keeps my bowel movements smooth.

After reading for 1 hour, I prefer drinking more water before going for jogging. After I have finished jogging, I drink more of alkaline water so that my body stays hydrated.

My Eating Routine

As I am a raw diet person, I prefer raw food at breakfast. Food items with a lot of water content are my favorites.

However, I make sure that I don’t drink water while I am eating a meal because it increases acidity. I drink water 30 minutes before and after the meal so that the nutrients in the food are completely absorbed by my body.

I have a regular practice of drinking water without waiting for feeling thirsty because I believe thirst is the sign of neglect. Being an ardent fan of raw food, eating a lot of fruits and vegetables in my daily diet, keeps my body nourished and hydrated.

My evenings are generally void of food. If I consume something, it’s raw. Moreover, I don’t drink too much water in the evening because it is known to disturb your somber.

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