My Preference for Plant- Based Diet Is Not Without Reasons

My Preference for Plant- Based Diet Is Not Without Reasons

Boosting immunity is talk of the town these days: among every gender and genre. But immunity and its relevant topics like plant diet based physical exercising, immunity booster supplements has been existing since yesteryears. It’s that we have not been giving so much importance to them as we do today.

Why Plant Diet?

The relevance of a plant-based diet is more comprehensible now as numerous diseases in the human body are surfacing owing to an unhealthy diet and lifestyle.

A plant-based diet has been found to help our body in various ways such as reducing inflammation, boosting immunity, maintaining a healthy weight, adding fiber, and a lot more.

Plant-based diet not only reduces the risk of various life-threatening diseases like cancer, diabetes, obesity, stroke, etc but has also been proven to promote better sleep, heart health, mindfulness and increase concentration, and much more.

A plant-based diet can easily make up for nutrients (vitamins and minerals) required by a healthy body like vitamin c, iron, protein, healthy fatty acid. Additionally, plant foods are a rich source of phytochemicals and antioxidants that promotes the overall health of cells and boost immunity against germs and microorganisms.

My Personal Experience with A Plant-Based Diet

I have been practicing plants based diet for the last few years and the results of my shift over have rendered me more satisfied, healthier, and contented with my body and life. I have gained freedom from numerous diseases and enjoying benefits of a healthy body without hitting the gym and saving money by eating mostly raw food (on a lighter note but the reality is eating healthy food is costlier than eating unhealthy food).

I am a fan of Dr. Sebi’s (self-proclaimed healer and herbalist) recommended alkaline diet based on the theory of a plant-based diet. His diet aims to achieve an alkaline state in the body necessary to prevent and eradicate diseases from it; detoxifying it through the right food (read mostly raw) and some supplements. Additionally drinking at least 1 gallon of natural spring water daily keeps my bowel movement regular.

Avoiding animal products, hybrid food, alcohol, canned and seedless fruits, and microwave cooked food have protected me against various diseases, altering the micro-biome in my gut in favor of the body and leading to lesser diseases.

Health Benefits of a Plant-Based Diet According To Me

Following the plant-based diet rich in fiber, complex carbohydrates and water content from fruits and vegetables keeps me fuller for longer and increases my energy to participate in physical exercises. Additionally, I enjoy sound sleep each night. My jogging regime of 45 minutes in the early morning, water consumption, and plant-based diet collectively has kept my weight under control. I am living a stress-free life with a lower risk of heart diseases and other health issues that are common amongst my peer.

My diet mainly consists of raw and fresh fruits and vegetables. However, for a change sometimes I go for cooked food during lunch. But I avoid eating at dinners and if it is necessary, I go for raw fruits and vegetables.

One thing I have surely noticed that switching over to Plant-based food i.e. fruits and vegetables, legumes, seeds, nuts, healthy fat, whole grains, and plant-based milk has changed my life for good.

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