Health Tips

Living Better Following a Healthy Plant-Based Diet

“Living is mandatory, but staying healthy is optional”.

To stay healthy, hitting the gym and following an intensive exercising regime are not the only resorts. Follow healthy diet plans, exercise regularly, stay happy, sleep needful, take adequate rest, have a positive attitude toward life and live longer.   

My 5 year journey, with plant based diet, has taught me that to stay healthy you don’t need expansive gym equipments. Follow a right diet that cures you from within has far more reaching impact on your health. Good reading, positive affirmations, exercising, fasting occasionally, and mindful eating, popular called as healthy diet are better option for fitness. 

Diet has a very crucial impact on the well-being of the body. A healthy diet can heal you, and a bad diet can kill you. Plant-based diet or plant-forward eating patterns is one such diet plan that focuses on foods that are primarily derived from plants.

The plant-based diet need not necessarily be based only on fruits and vegetables. But it also includes nuts, seeds, oils, whole grains, legumes, and beans. In short, you can be a follower of Dr. Sebi’s diet if you are in favor of accepting an organic diet for a healthy lifestyle. This diet is also referred to as an alkaline diet.

Food is medicine. And, when you proportionately choose more of your foods from plant sources you are improving health, reversing diseases.

Dr. Sebi’s diet, also called the Dr. Sebi alkaline diet, is a plant-based diet that focuses on rejuvenating your body cells by eliminating toxic waste by alkalizing your blood.

Dr. Sebi claimed that diseases cannot survive in an alkaline environment.  When a body becomes too acidic, the disease is attracted to the body. By following Dr. Sebi’s diet one can prevent disease conditions in the body. This healthy diet is a natural cure for preventing diseases and improves overall health without being dependent on conventional western medicine and immune system booster doses.

Vegan Diet

A plant-based diet is often referred as a vegan diet as it consists of a specific list of approved vegetables, fruits, grains, nuts, seeds, oils, and herbs. No animal products are permitted in this diet. According to Dr. Sebi by following a healthy diet plan, a human body can heal itself. But you must follow the diet recommended by him consistently for the rest of your life for the desired results. Additionally, he suggested usage of his proprietary costly supplements that are highly effective in restoring your body’s natural alkaline state and detoxify your diseased body.

Health Constraint of Dr. Sebi’s Diet

As the diet has to be followed strictly for the rest of life, it becomes very restrictive, lacks certain nutrients, and may lead to serious impact or changes your body leading it towards an alkaline state.

In case you are in search of a weight loss diet or a plant-based eating pattern, many healthy diets options are available that are more flexible and sustainable.

I have been a plant-based diet follower for the last five years and support it wholeheartedly. I have recommended it to a whole lot of people, who have benefited from it, undoubtedly.

So, come and join me on the journey toward health and happiness.