Knowing Oils That Increase Your Overall Health

Oils are base of many favorite food recipes. Moreover, they play a very crucial role in various cooking techniques. Oil is needed right from the sautéing stage to deep frying, roasting or baking.

Some recipes specify special kinds of oil to be used while others can be cooked in the oil of your choice. But it is sure that without oil the basic flavor of the food cannot be enhanced. Here we are discussing some health benefits of not all cooking oils, but those which are specified by Dr. Sebi’s in his alkaline diet.

Dr. Sebi’s diet discourages eating Western diets which are high in ultra-processed food and loaded with sugar, fats, salt, and calories.

Instead, he suggested that consuming a plant-based diet lot of health benefits can be derived which includes lowering the rate of obesity and heart diseases. Dr. Sebi’s diet focuses on natural cure for preventing disease and improves overall health, without relying on conventional Western medicine.

Oils Suggested in Dr. Sebi’s Diet Include:-

1) Avocado Oil

Rich in antioxidants and healthy fats, Avocado oil has numerous health benefits such as high content of oleic acid that provides monosaturated Omega 9 fatty acid. It produces cholesterol and improves heart health, being high in lutein it benefits eyes, enhances absorption of important nutrients in the body, reduces symptoms of arthritis, prevents gum diseases, improves skin and enhances wound healing. Moreover, it neutralizes free radicals effect too.

2) Coconut Oil (Uncooked)

It is open refer to a super food that has very positive effects on health such as boosting fat loss, enhancing heart health and brain function.

Coconut oil used uncooked contains healthy fatty acids that encourage to burn fat and provide energy quickly to the body and the brain. The HDL cholesterol in blood rises with coconut oil that reduces heart disease risk. It also has antimicrobial effects and can be used as a mouthwash that benefits oral hygiene. It reduces hunger and seizures. Coconut oil protects your skin, hair, and teeth. It helps boost brain function in Alzheimer’s disease and reduces harmful abdominal fat.

3) Grape-seed Oil

Grape-seed oil is very good for health although it is a byproduct of the winemaking process. Grape-seed oil tightens and tones the skin, protects against sun damage and reduces the appearance of blemishes, wrinkles, and stretch marks.

It is beneficial for cleansing the pores and balancing oil production in the body which reduces the further acne breakouts chances. When used on hair, grape-seed oil contributes towards softening and smoothing the texture and promoting growth. In the medicinal use, grape-seed oil boost circulation reduces the appearance of varicose veins and cellulite. Additionally, it helps in soothing tired muscles and boosting immunity.

4) Hemp Seed Oil

Hemp seed oil, also known as hemp oil has curative properties which include improving acne, treating cancer, slowing the progression of heart disease and Alzheimer’s. Various health issues such as inflammation and skin conditions can be treated with coconut oil as it is rich in polyunsaturated fatty acids.

Hemp seed oil is a good product for the improvement of eczema symptoms, psoriasis, lichen planus, and acne. In women with PMS conditions, taking hemp seed oil decreases the symptoms considerably.

Coconut oil has an antibacterial agent that helps fight bacteria that cause skin infections, pneumonia, and infection of bone and heart valve.

5) Olive Oil (Uncooked)

Olive oil, especially extra virgin, has various health benefits. Olive oil is rich in healthy monosaturated fat. The oleic acid present in the soil reduces inflammation and benefits genes linked to cancer. It consists of a large number of antioxidants besides a modest amount of vitamin E and K. It has strong anti-inflammatory properties, prevents the risk of stroke, protest against heart diseases and helps control weight gain and obesity. Moreover, olive oil benefits brain function and fight Alzheimer’s disease. It also helps to reduce type 2 diabetes risk, has anti-cancer properties and treats rheumatoid arthritis. Rich in antibacterial properties, the right kind of olive oil has bioactive compounds that render various benefits to your heart, brain, and joints.

6) Sesame Oil

Often referred to as the Queen of oilseeds, sesame oil has exceptional nutritional qualities. Sesame oil is made from raw, pressed sesame seeds and has cosmetic, culinary and medicinal purposes. It is high in antioxidants that help reduce cell damage caused by free radicals. It has strong anti-inflammatory properties and is good for heart health owing to its 82% unsaturated fatty acids content. Sesame oil slows down the development of plaque in arteries.

It helps control blood sugar, treats arthritis, protects against UV rays improves sleep quality, relieves pain and improves hair texture.

Take Away

Consumption of above-listed oils have been promoted for various health benefits and can be included in your diet through sauces or dips, marinades for meat or fish, salad dressings, grill, sauté, stir fry, bake or roast food, spread or drizzle on foods for flavor, coat pan to avoid food sticking to the bottom and sometimes to season cast iron cookware. These oils are a good option instead of solid fat, which has a lot of saturated fats.

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